📖FAQ Integral and Integrative

Chris Cowan
  • “Integral” meme re-coloring. “Integralism.”

    • Labeling self integral likely means you are not
  • Spiral Dynamics dilution

    It’s a mess because, like “integral,” Spiral Dynamics has come to mean so much to so many that it reliably means nothing.

  • Graves is more than colors

    Graves is more than intervals and typology. The essence of his point of view is the quest for the engine that drives human emergence – why we are and what leads us to change to be something different. The types and categories are merely artifacts of that process.

  • “tierism” — wanting to be second-tier
  • q

    It’s not a theory of everything, but it is a theory that can be applied to almost anything people are doing.

  • _

    Readers of the SD book should note that some of the materials […] would not even be included were the SD book being properly redone today, especially some rather poor and over-simplistic examples for the levels described as “Where Found” and the political analyses because a great deal more has been learned about the theory since the writing in 1994-5 which is not reflected in that volume. After spending tfive [sic] years working on The Never Ending Quest and digging deeply into both Graves’s writings and those of his sources, we find some glaring errors in previous renditions of Spiral Dynamics which we are trying to address.


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