§ Self-Development
  • habits building is basically trying to change oneself (which is a broader topic)
  • homeostasis always fights back
  • build one habit at a time (you can build more, but that’s more struggle and you’re more likely to fail)
  • create triggers for new habits. this could be either a specific time, or another event (or another habit). I have a stretching habit that I do right before § Meditation.
  • start small and increase in small steps. The trick is to make increments so small that you barely notice.

    • I have started my eye exercise habit from 2 minutes daily. I increased the duration by 30, 20, or 10 seconds with next sittings up to 5 minutes originally planned.
    • I have been waking up at 9:30, and moved wake up time by 1 minutes per day. It takes a month to move by 30 minutes, but, hey, I’m not rushing. (You can move by more minutes per day. If waking up 5 minutes earlier is nothing for you, wake up 5 minutes earlier every day.)
  • positive motivation vs. negative motivation. It is better to be positively motivated. i.e., want to have something cool rather than want to avoid something bad.



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