📖In Defense of Food: An Eater's Manifesto

Pollan, Michael
  • We’ve come from describing food to nutrients. One of the reasons is lobbying of food (e.g. do not eat red meat vs. select meat to minimize saturated fats) Also, it’s not just fat that causes cancer - it’s people eating more meat (it’s hard to pinpoint whether that’s fats, meat, or lack of vegetables)
  • Nutritionism is like a religion and holds a belief that nutrients is all there is to food.
  • Scientists have a track record of missing important nutrients (vitamins first, omega-3 next). It is likely there are important nutrients we still miss (e.g., team human milk is still better for babies than any substitute)
  • Another point of concern is that nutritionism sees meat, fish, and plants merely as a delivery system for nutrients.
  • Margarine is an example of food engineering go wrong (trans fats). It was marketed as a better butter alternative
  • Most of the tooth problems might be caused by diet. p.94
  • Community-supported agriculture (CSA)


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