📖Writing to Learn

Zinsser, William
  • We need models to learn but then we outgrow them and become who we are supposed to be (we take only what we need). (L242)
  • L248

    If you think you can dash something off and have it come out right, the people you’re trying to reach are almost surely in trouble.

  • Writing organizes and clarifies our thoughts. It helps us to find what we know and what we don’t know. (L261)
  • Readers must be given room for their own emotions. Do not persuade them with why something is important. (L520)
  • L644

    Psychology is deceptively difficult subject: It sounds like material you’ve known all your life, but actually it’s based on extensive research.

  • The Art of Thinking by Vincent Ruggiero #book
  • Fiction writer can’t write “wrong”—we can only say that we don’t like it. Non-fiction writing has no such immunity (L863)
  • Information is not passive and can shape the world. e.g., gene messages instruct cell machinery to construct new proteins. (L883)


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