📖The Religion of Tomorrow: A Vision for the Future of the Great Traditions-More Inclusive, More Comprehensive, More Complete

Wilber, Ken
Ken Wilber
  • p.63 two axes of development (growth axes) → Wilber’s axes of development

    • structures of consciousness (growing up)
    • states of consciousness (waking up)
  • structure of consciousness is a lens through which we see the world (grammar)

    • p.64 people interpret states of consciousness through their stage of structure of consciousness
  • p.65 people have multiple intelligences (lines) and they evolve through the same stages (growing up)
  • shadows → clean up
  • p.70 dis-identifying from aggression (meditation) makes person depressed

    • psychotherapy could be a good addition to meditation
  • Integral stage (Yellow) is 5% of the population now and will increase to 10% within a decade

    • when a stage reaches 10% of the population, that provokes structural changes in society
  • spiritual intelligence vs. spiritual states
  • amber (blue) — mythical-literal (interprets myths literally)


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