📖Mash-Up! How to Use Your Multiple Skills to Give You an Edge, Make Money and be Happier

Sanders, Ian and Sloly, David
  • The change rate of the world has accelerated, producing new jobs that need to be filled. There is no longer a “job for life.” (p.14)
  • Plurality helps you understand other departments (p. 45)
  • Personal unifier. Find a theme that unifies all you do. Use it to filter out opportunities (§4)

    • (life purpose course?)
  • Have a story.

    • tell story online.
    • Ask friends: “if you need to introduce me an you wanted to impress them, what would you say?” (p.118)
  • Listen first and tailor your story to customer’s needs (p.130)

    • it’s easier to sell one skill they need than to pitch on 10 with only 2 relevant ones.
  • Ideas club (p.141)
  • Add new strings one layer at a time (p.159-160)

    • i.e., when you earn enough money to support you with the first skill
  • Generalism: sum is more than its parts. (p.180)
  • Unplan (it’s ok to have goals, though) (p.219-220)


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