📖The 4 Disciplines of Execution in a Nutshell

McChesney, Chris
  • discipline 1. focus on the wildly important

    • select one wildly important goal
    • within this goal, identify the most important objective that won’t be achieved without special attention.
  • discipline 2: act on the lead measures

    • there are lag and lead measures
    • lag is the end goal (?). they are the result of the past, they are lagging behind
    • lead measures — activities that drive a lag measure. they predict the lag-measure success and can be directly influenced
  • discipline 3. keep a compelling scoreboard

    • keep a score and show it in real time
    • it’s a discipline of engagement
  • discipline 4. create a cadence of accountability

    • regular and frequent meetings that focus on the wildly important goal
    • weekly, not more than 20 minutes
    • “what are the one or two most important things that I could do this week that will have the biggest impact on the scoreboard?”
    • report:

      1. did I meet last week’s commitments?
      2. did they move the scoreboard?
      3. what will I commit to this week?


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