đź“–Never Eat Alone: And Other Secrets to Success, One Relationship at a Time

Ferrazzi, Keith
  • build network on generosity

    • give first
  • don’t keep scores
  • know what you want to achieve first

    • (if you don’t have a goal, you won’t achieve anything)
  • build network long before you need it
  • work for free to establish credibility
  • Do you homework

    • research what people are like and what they are up to
  • keep a list of people you know or want to meet
  • respect gatekeepers and make them your friends
  • above all, never, ever disappear
  • follow up

    • in 12-to-24 hours
    • by sharing relevant articles
    • express gratitude
    • include an item of interest
    • reaffirm commitment
    • be brief and to the point
    • always address thank-you note to the person by name
    • use e-mail and snail-mail
    • after e-mailing, send requests to social media
    • send as soon as possible
    • follow up to those who acted as go-between
  • conferences:

    • volunteer
    • speak
    • organize “conference in conference”

      • get people for a dinner in nearby restaurant or for a talk
    • bump, meet many people
    • follow up
  • connect with super-connectors
  • Daring Greatly by Brene Brown #book
  • expose your vulnerability in small talks
  • Health, wealth, and children

    • ^ most important topics for most people
    • helping with these build loyalty
  • constantly ping people

    • divide into categories
  • congratulate on birthdays
  • for a new contact to remember you, you should contact through 3 different communication medium: email, phone, in-person
  • 6-to-10 guests for a dinner
  • anchor tenants
  • invite some more people before/after the dinner
  • Thursdays are good
  • _

    1. use a theme
    2. invitation (beforehand)
    3. cook big dish 1 or 2 days beforehand
    4. atmosphere
    5. don’t sit couples together
    6. relax
    7. follow up with photos
  • join conversations before your start them
  • physical proximity to hubs is still important
  • travel and attend conferences
  • _

    If you plan your whole life, by definition you can’t get lucky. So you have to leave that little window open. —Joichi Ito

  • be open to some spontaneity
  • be an expert—have a unique point of view
  • _

    In short, forget your job title and forget your job description (for the moment, at least). Starting today, you’ve got to figure out what exceptional expertise you’re going to master that will provide real value to your network and your company. —p. 280

  • list

    1. get out in front and analyze the trends and opportunities on the cutting edge (read all information available)
    2. ask seemingly stupid questions
    3. know yourself and your talents (80/20 focus on improving your strengths, spend some time fixing your weaknesses)
    4. always learn
    5. stay healthy
    6. expose yourself to unusual experience
    7. don’t get discouraged (be persistent)
    8. know the new technology
    9. develop a niche
    10. follow the money
  • be the CEO of your life
  • your brand is how you appear to be
  • how you look is important


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