đź“–Subtext 1

Edwards, Jonathan

Subtext 1 (Subtext 1 on Vimeo)

  • everything works by copying (you copy a function and pass link in parameters, then you link out the result)

    • “decriminalize copy & paste”
  • everything is reactive
  • program flow doesn’t have to be a tree. you can link intermediate values out of the function calll
  • “programming by example”—you always have some input to your functions and some output

    • all code is a living example
  • you can “freeze” an example into a test
  • everything runs in edit time
  • Link is kinda State monad, and saves all states in the history

    • history also includes all program editing
    • Link creates a “hypothetical future” that can be edited
  • within each state, everything is purely-functional. changes occur when passing state boundary
  • q

    State is only a problem if you are trapped in just one: the present


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