đź“–Spiral Dynamics: Mastering Values, Leadership and Change

Beck, Don, and Cowan, Christopher C.
  • p.16 at each stage a man goes to search for his holy grail, but when he founds it, it leaves him disconcerted and perplexed. He solves one set of problems but finds another at its place.

    The quest he finds is never ending. —Clare W. Graves

  • p.31 vMEME — “values meme.” Acts as attractor for content-rich memes
  • p.33

    The appearance of new vMEMEs often provokes a personal crisis in family and work relationships.

  • p.51 SD thinks that vMEMEs are pre-existing in the human brain and wait to be activated (“awakened”).
    • (it’s kinda controversial and I cannot agree)
  • p.53 aspects of life conditions: Time, Place, Problems, Circumstances (social)
    • Time = both historical time in human development and in personal age
    • p.54 “Humans live in different Times at the same time”
  • p.56 express-self/sacrifice-self = differentiation/integration = individual/communal
    • p.57 individual
      • task: explore the outside
      • locus of control: inside
    • communal
      • task: fix the inside
      • locus of control: outside
  • change
    • conditions
      • p.76 condition 1. potential for change
        • Open-Arrested-Closed (OAC) status
        • Open = can move forward and backward
        • Arrested = can move backward (cannot move forward)
        • Closed = can move only within current stage
      • p.82 condition 2. solutions for the current stage’s problems
        • instead of threats, satiate the vMEMEs that are active
        • problems at the current level are adequately managed
        • a zone of comfort is achieved
        • excess energy is available
      • p.82 condition 3. dissonance is present in the current system
        • gap between life conditions and current system
        • “something is wrong” feeling (without a chaos that world is falling apart)
      • p.83 condition 4. barriers for change are identified and overcome
        • should be eliminated from life conditions and then from people’s mindset
      • p.84 condition 5. insight into probable causes and viable alternatives
      • p.84 condition 6. consolidation and support during the transition
    • p.87

      Solutions sow the seeds of next-order Problems.

    • phases:
      • p.86 Phase 1. Alpha fit
        • dynamic tension/fit of LC and stage
      • p.87 Phase 2. Beta condition
        • a time of uncertainty, questioning, and frustration
      • p.89 Phase 3. The Gamma trap
        • a state of anger, hopelessness, and revolution
      • p.91 Phase 4. Delta surge
        • often premature celebration
        • got rid of the barriers but new order is not yet established
      • p.92 Phase 5. The new Alpha
  • p.93 change variations
    • (Teal organizations for most is a stretch-up)
    • p.97 Oblique variations—talking the talk without walking the walk