📝Hedonic Treadmill

  • When tons of people were asked to gauge their happiness they choose 7/10 pretty much all the time.
  • When something major happens (good or bad), the level would drop/raise but after a short period of time would settle back at around 7.
  • This level 7 plays a trick with us. It makes us think that we could get this 10 if only we do a little more. But we can never reach it. Whatever we do, we get used to the new environment and get back to 7. That’s Hedonic Treadmill.
  • That also has another implication. Whatever our environment is, we see it as 7/10. (i.e., even if we had much worse conditions, we would have used to them and would rate 7/10)
  • Guarding people from harsh events makes them incapable of handling small setbacks.
  • If everything is good, we amplify our issues to make us slightly dissatisfied (Blue Dot Effect)
  • Trying to decrease pain increases sensitivity to suffering.