📝The Heartbeat Hypothesis

Humans aside, all mammals have a dependency between resting heart rate and life expectancy.

All mammals have about the same life expectancy when expressed in heartbeats. See the table:

Pygmy shrew: 1.02 billion total heartbeats (1300 bpm, 1.5 year average lifespan)
Mouse: 1.31 billion (500 bpm, 5 years)
Cat: 1.18 billion (150 bpm, 15 years)
Human: 2.24 billion heartbeats (60 bpm, 71 years)
Horse: 0.93 billion (44 bpm, 40 years)
Elephant: 1.03 billion (28 bpm, 70 years)

I think humans are an exception due to technology, healthcare, etc. (? is that true)

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