đź“ťGratitude Journal

§ Self-Development
  • Tips for Keeping a Gratitude Journal

    • Writing once or twice per week is better than writing every day
  • Gratitude Journal | Practice | Greater Good in Action

    • 15 minutes
    • write down up to 5 for which you feel grateful
    • they can be little things or a big deal
    • tips:

      1. be specific
      2. go for depth over breadth
      3. get personal. focusing on people is better than on things
      4. try subtraction, not addition. consider bad things you’ve avoided or how your life could have been worse. don’t take good fortune for granted
      5. see good things as “gifts.”
      6. savor surprises
      7. revise if you repeat. you can repeat with the same thing or people, but cover another detail about them
      8. commit and write regularly
      9. don’t overdo it (1-3 times per week is better than every day)
  • How to Start a Gratitude Journal You’ll Actually Keep | Shutterfly

    • prompts

      • Write about a time you were grateful for something a loved one did for you.
      • List three silly things your kids did today.
      • What are three ways to thank someone without saying “thank you”?
      • What is something that makes you unique that you’re grateful for?
      • Look out the window, what’s something you’re grateful for outside?
      • Think about the work that went into the clothes you wear or the house you live in.
      • If you had to give up all of your possessions but three, which three would you keep and why?
      • Write a thank you note to yourself.
      • Pick a random photo, and write about why you’re grateful for that memory.
      • Write about something you’re looking forward to.
      • Write about something in your life that you have now that you didn’t have a year ago.
      • Reflect on a time you made a mistake and what you learned. What are you grateful for about that learning experience?
      • Write about why you’re grateful for your house—these quotes about home might help inspire you to expand your thinking.
      • Think back to the last time you laughed until you cried, and write about it.
      • List three things that made you smile this week.
      • Think about someone who helped shape the person you are today, and write about what they mean to you.
      • Think about a time you were able to help someone else.
      • List three people who helped you through a tough situation.
      • Name someone who did something nice for you unprompted.
    • People to write about:

      • A person you haven’t spoken to in a while
      • Someone who lives far away
      • Your kid’s teachers
      • Your coworkers
      • Someone you have a hard time getting along with
      • A musician, author or artist whose work particularly inspires you
      • A stranger who brightened your day
    • Things to write about:

      • Your morning coffee
      • Your favorite food
      • Things you use daily
      • Your job
      • Activities or hobbies you enjoy
      • Your body
      • Your sense of smell, sight, taste etc.
    • Places to write about:

      • The city you live in
      • Your favorite vacation destination
      • Your desk at work
      • Your bed
      • Your neighborhood park
      • Your hometown
      • Your favorite store
    • Ideas to write about:

      • A family tradition
      • A silly moment
      • A struggle you’re facing
      • A recent change in your life
      • A recent accomplishment
      • The current season
      • Something new you learned recently
    • draw something, if you like it


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