📝Hick’s law

§ Design Psychology
Закон Хика, который мы потеряли в интерпретации - Vadym Shliachkov - Medium

The law says that the mean reaction time is linear function of the mean entropy. Entropy growths logarithmically with the number of choices available.

RT=a+blog2(n+1)RT = a + b * log_2 (n + 1)


  • RTRT is reaction time
  • log2(n+1)log_2 (n + 1) is mean entropy
  • aa and bb are coefficients (should be found empirically for each case)
  • Hick’s law is about choice reaction time, not decision time as is commonly thought.
  • The law presumes that correct answer is known and is not something that should be thought about or discovered. (Subjects undertook a training before running the experiment.)
  • The law is not universal. There are many situation when it does not apply.


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