📝What are memories?

#insight Contemplation Memory Thoughts

[2020-02-29 Sat]

  • Memory vs playing it out?
  • How do I distinguish what really happened?
  • When I got from home to play out at sandbox and got my t-shirt inside out, I “remember” finding myself from 3rd person (which obviously didn’t happen?)

[2019-11-18 Mon]

  • facts vs. memories — presence of me
  • I am always present in memories
  • experience reconstruction

[2019-11-17 Sun]

  • I know memory before I see a picture
  • is emotion a thought?
  • what is memory? does memory exist?

[2019-11-16 Sat]

  • false memories

    • wrong reconstruction?
  • reconstruction? — yes

    • always?
  • based on emotions?
  • images?
  • when now becomes a memory?
  • how/why we forget?
  • how memories are different from other thoughts?
  • memory is a thought about what (we believe think) has happened
  • remembering facts vs. memories
  • why I don’t remember early memories?
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