Weekly Review 2018 Week 6

February 10, 2018 by Alexey Shmalko
Tags: review

This week:

This week, I introduce a change to my review process.

My review ranges were inconsistent. I did reviews on Saturdays sometimes, but that means Sunday (and part of Saturday) were not included. Now, I will always review the range from Saturday to Friday. (I also explicitly specify the range in the review itself from now on.)

Review range: [2018-02-04, 2018-02-09]

Articles read: 7

Software architecture

I’m doing some mentorship in my company in order to grow an architect. This is basically the start of the tutoring and the first goal is to determine what software architect is, what software architecture is, what software architects do, and what skill set they need.

I’ve read these articles before but I’ve re-read them this week.